Prêt de livres



Voici la liste non exhaustive des livre disponibles au prêt...



" Angels & Demons" Dan Brown

" Moon Rising " A. V. Roberts

" City girl" P. Scanlan

"Vendeta, Lucky's revenge" J. Collins

" Bridget Jones's diary" H. Fielding

 " City of the beasts " I. Allende

Ressources Pedagogiques

" Teach me to do it myself" M. Pitamic

" Montessori Today " P.P. Lilard

" Playful Parenting" L.J Cohen

" Le défi des enfants bilingues" B Abdelilah Bauer

" Play Therapy " V. Axline

- " Growing up with 2 languages, a practical guide" U. Cunningham-Andersson

" The bilingual edge" A. Macckey


Une centaine de numéros de " VOCABLE ", magazine + CD




Collection " Spot " d'Eric HILL

" Spot's first easter" , " Spot goes to the farm" , " Where is Spot" , " Spot's first Christmas", " Spot' birthday party"  etc

" From head to toe " E. Carle

" The very hungry caterpilar " E. Carle

" Monkey puzzle " J. Donaldson

" Night Monkey, Day monkey" J. Donaldson

" Life iin the jungle" B. Ward

" Whose tail? " on the farm  E. Eaves

"Whose tail?" under the sea  E. Eaves

" Whose tail?" in the garden  E. Eaves

" A trip to the zoo" K. Wallace

" Amazing baby, baby boo"

" Homes around the world"  D. Kindersley

" Calm Down Boris!" S. Lloyd

" Garden friends"

" Indiana Jones : Indy's adventure"

" In the park"

" Whatever the weather" K. Wallace

" The magic porridge pot" T. Hurt-Newton

" Go away big green monster" E. Emberley

" Kevin the crocodile" A. Vrombaut

" Joey the Kangaroo" A. Vrombaut

Livre + CD

" We are going on a bear hunt" H. Oxenbury M. Rosen

" The gruffalo " J. Donaldson

" The gruffalo's child" J. Donaldson

" The snail and the whale" J. Donaldson

" Giraffes can't dance" G. Andreae

" Stickman " J. Donaldson

" Goldilocks and the 3 bears"

" The smartest giant in town" J Donaldson

" Three little pigs"  R. Johnson

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